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Filmmaker Chris Pyle

Video Production

Wildland Films specializes in high-end digital video production and still photography, and produces exquisitely filmed documentaries on subjects ranging from nature and wildlife to history and biographies.

At the helm of Wildland Films is award-winning photographer and producer Chris Pyle. Chris has over 15 years experience in all facets of video and film production, and excels in capturing the most beautiful imagery imaginable. His work has taken him from the ice pack of the Arctic Ocean to the scorching deserts of California. He has been on expeditions from the rugged coastline of Baja to the storm-tossed Sea of Japan.

Wildland Films brings to each project a very high production value. We are perfectionists and strive to break the mold. We go out of our way to capture images in new and creative ways using all the tools of the trade. If something can't be done, we make up a new way to do it.

Wildland Films' professionalism and unparalleled commitment to excellence will ensure that your project comes in on time, and will be a work of art.


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